Orecchini a cerchio Amesii da donna in argento


Product specifications

Brand Amesii
Brand name Silver
Type of metal Silver
Material Sterling silver
Type of stone No precious stones
Length 0.39 inches
Earring closure in a circle
Adjustable No
Model name V15JKJ3520335NC3GGF
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Amesii Hoop Earrings for Women: Elegance in 925 Sterling Silver with Unique Details

Welcome to the Amesii universe of style, where elegance merges with 925 sterling silver in women’s hoop earrings enriched with unique decorations.

High Quality 925 Sterling Silver: Each pair of Amesii earrings is made with 925 sterling silver, a precious metal known for its luster and strength. This material gives the jewelry superior quality and timeless beauty.

Classic Circle Design with Decorations: The circle design is a timeless classic, but with Amesii, it comes to life with unique decorations. Each pair of earrings is enriched with details that capture attention and give personality to your style.

Elegance and Versatile Style: Amesii hoop earrings embody elegance and versatility. They are the perfect choice to complete your everyday look or to add a touch of sophistication to a special occasion.

For Women of Taste: The beauty of our earrings is that they are suitable for women with different tastes. Whether you love a classic look or prefer something bolder, you’ll find the perfect pair of Amesii earrings to express yourself.

Amesii – The Brand of Elegance: Our brand is synonymous with elegance, style and quality. Each earring is made with care and attention to detail, ensuring an impeccable result.

Express Your Personality: Amesii earrings allow you to express your personality through your style. They are a statement of individuality and beauty, allowing you to communicate who you are through your look.

Discover the Beauty of Amesii: Discover the timeless beauty of Amesii hoop earrings in 925 sterling silver. Find the perfect pair that reflects you and start expressing your personality with style and sophistication, enriched by unique details.



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