Fede nuziale in oro giallo 10kt


Product specifications

Brand Diamond2Deal
Brand name 417 Gold
Type of metal 10ct yellow gold
Material Gold
Type of stone Diamond
Mounting Brand
Ring size 7
Weight of the stone 0.07 carats
Model name D2D-130096
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10kt Yellow Gold Wedding Ring with Matching Diamond Cross: Perfect for Him and Her

The 10kt yellow gold wedding band with matching diamond cross is the perfect symbol of eternal love and shared faith. This unique jewel represents the promise of a life together, for him and her.

Elegant Yellow Gold Wedding Rings Our 10kt yellow gold wedding rings are prized for their beauty and strength. This diamond cross pair adds a touch of elegance to your engagement.

Sparkling Diamond Cross The heart of these wedding rings is a sparkling diamond cross, representing faith and eternal love. It is a perfect symbol of your union.

Perfect for the Wedding These wedding rings are ideal for celebrating your wedding. They express the commitment of a life together in an extraordinary way.

Purchase 10kt Yellow Gold Wedding Rings Choose 10kt yellow gold wedding rings with matching diamond cross for a timeless symbol of love and faith, perfect for him and her.

Unparalleled Comfort and Style These wedding rings are designed for unparalleled comfort and style. They will be a perfect complement to your daily look.

Meaningful Gift These wedding rings are the perfect gift to celebrate everlasting love or to commemorate a special moment in your relationship.

Quality Craftsmanship and 10kt Yellow Gold Wedding rings are made with high quality craftsmanship and the use of 10kt yellow gold, ensuring a piece of jewelery of intrinsic value and unparalleled beauty.

Choose the 10kt yellow gold wedding ring with matching diamond cross, perfect for him and her, to symbolize your eternal love and faith with timeless elegance and meaning.



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